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Hosted Galleries

Individually designed for maximum impact, the BoyProfits FHGs provide you with staple promotional material and promo content for your sites. Using our kick-ass gallery dump tool, you'll have direct access to our galleries as you need them (RSS, CSV, etc..)

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Blog & Tube Vids

Providing webmasters with useful and relevant tools is part of the BoyProfits ethos. We provide you with frequently updated video clips to use on tubes or other projects, with the option of using the RSS blog feature to enable automatic embeding of episodes into your blogs.

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It's no surprise that we've got promotional banners for you. What IS surprising is that they're of high quality - perfect for your ad-spots, sites and other promotional ventures.

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Promo Content

Naturally, BoyProfits grants webmasters access to regularly updated content-packs to enable you to run your own custom pages and marketing campaigns.

Custom Tools

We've got a lot more promo tools under the hood. If you're looking for something specific, chances are that if we don't already have it, we can make it happen for you - just contact us!

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BoyProfitsoffers payouts via Check, Wire and EPass.
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